Insurance Claims

Straighten Up Panel & Paint Guarantees all its work it does for insurance companys for the lifetime of the owner of the vehicle.

Straighten Up Panel and Paint Ltd have extensive experience when carrying out insurance repairs. We are approved insurance repair agents. We will assist and guide you through insurance forms and are happy to work first hand with your insurance provider, minimising any contact our clients need to have with insurance companies, ensuring it is a quick and seamless process.

We use the latest digital imaging technology to assess the damage level of your vehicle. This ensures we can provide all the necessary information to your insurance company, allowing them to authorise repairs as quickly as possible.

The Process

Accident Occurs

Access the situation, check if anyone requires medical assistance. Report the accident to the police within 24 hours if someone is injured.

Advise Insurance Provider

Give the accident details to your insurance provider. You will receive a claim number to give to Straighten Up Panel and Paint ltd.

Damage Assessment

The vehicle is brought into Straighten Up Panel and Paint, damage is assessed and an estimate is given to your insurance provider along with photos of the damage.


We will liaise with the insurance provider stating the most viable repair solution. You will be contacted once your claim has been approved.

Repair Work

Straighten up will be in contact to organise a suitable time to do the repairs. You will receive a complimentary vehicle while repairs are being carried out. If extra unquoted work is required to complete the repairs, we will contact you before additional work is carried out. All work at Straighten Up Panel and Paint Ltd is guaranteed. Customers are provided reassurance that their vehicle will be restored to its original condition with the minimum of inconvenience.


You will be notified once our quality control check has been completed and your vehicle is ready for collection.